Never Know What’s Gonna Go Down at the Jennifer Main Gallery…

A nice looking young woman walks into the gallery. She’s checking out the art when one of the paintings specifically speaks to her……….
She begins to share her heart with me. To sum it up she is a very tormented hurt suicidal young women with a long history of all sorts of abuse….
I was able to share my story of how I cried out to God for help at the end of my rope and he saved me; completely making me new and changing my life!
We eventually held hands and prayed….she then decides she wants Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior of her life.
So we pray again as I lead her in a prayer to invite Jesus Christ into her heart….
(By the way…This is the first person I have ever had the to opportunity to bring to Christ so it was way cool)
I had no plans of my own. No agenda to bring this about. I just got to follow The holy spirit’s leading….simply available to be in the right spot at the right time.
I continued to speak truth and life into her….letting her know God is madly in love with her. That she is beautiful and she is of priceless worth. She was made for great things and God has amazing plans for her future as she begins to walk with him.
She began to believe in her future and shared her dreams and desires!
I got to watch her whole countenance change as God’s love touched her….
I gave her a piece of art that spoke to her…
It says “resilient people are dangerous because they know they can survive and thrive.”
I gave her a book of God’s promises I had in my purse….
We shared a big hug as she left the gallery with a big smile, shining with new love and hope…walking out of the gallery as a new person beginning a new journey in the presence of her Heavenly Father who now guides her and protects her and gives her eternal life.
I let her know all the changes will take time as she learns to trust God; coming to know Him and His word but now she will never be alone!
I then loved how she looked at my painting of Satan’s head on a plate and she laughed and said “he looks so small now”. I LOVED THAT!
She called me later that afternoon and thanked me for the art I gave her. I could hear joy and thankfulness in her voice.
Now this is what life is all about!
The bible says “the kingdom of God is NOT a matter of talk but of POWER!”
I love to watch His power at work! There is nothing more beautiful!
God is not angry with us, he is eagerly waiting to love us back to life if we will only LET Him. His very being is pure LOVE and love does not force himself on us. He pursues and patiently waits to capture our hearts. This is not religion, but purely a relationship with our creator that is made possible by what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us. Cleansing us from the blinding sin, deception, and lies so we can KNOW God, live for Him and worship Him like we were originally made to do.
How amazing!
God is so good and his very nature is pure powerful supernatural love that is beyond our understanding. Religion has sadly left so many of us with a skewed view of who God is and what he thinks of us, but contrary to what many of us think (and I used to think) God’s Word says He is FOR US, NOT against us! We are God’s most valuable treasures. He says we are his Materpiece. Each one of us carefully and wonderfully made for great things but more importantly we were made to be in such a close intimate relationship with Him that as He makes himself at home in our hearts He changes us from the inside out….causing us to become love! Once we know the real God we see that He IS a wild furious jealous love that pursues us until we pursue him and when we collide with His love we encounter Him in such a way that we can never be the same!!!
He only asks us to love him with ALL our hearts. As we love Him he cause our desires, thoughts, and character to naturally change….as we set our hearts on him he shapes us more and more into his image which is love.
I know it took me a long time to get this and to be vulnerable and surrendered enough to receive his love… To believe I was worth loving…..but let me tell you once I did it’s a wild ride that makes life beautiful and purpose filled….and it only gets better as I get to know more and more of God’s fiery love. Why resist LOVE? He is knocking on the door of our hearts….


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Highlights of 2013…

#1 In January my husband and I celebrated our first year in LA by going to a CAKE concert which was SO GOOD!!! I absolutely love living in this city! I know it’s where we are meant to be!


#2 We decided to move out of our live/work/gallery loft in Downtown LA…
It was such an awesome traditional loft space that was like my dream come true! We had great times in there and loved being part of all the art walks but realized after a year of always being in the same space to do everything that it was time to break it up a bit!Even though we lived in this space we kept it set up to always look like a gallery + art studio which meant sleeping on a pull out couch so it wouldn’t look like a bed and hiding all our clothes and family photos in the bathroom where we created a makeshift closet. Hey, gotta do what ya gotta do!


#3 In February I found a great little studio space!!!
I was so thankful to have my own private space to work in again. I never realized how important that is for me until I didn’t have one! We found a great deal on an old jewelers office that was a bit of a wreck but We took it ‘as is’ and that way I got to clean it up and make it my own little crazy colorful world in there!



#4 In March we found a retail gallery space!!! Our first ground floor storefront!!!
Here’s a bit of the story…so rents are way expensive in LA but I really felt it would be a good move to get a small retail space so we could get walk in customers and a lot more visibility than we were getting in the loft. We found a very small space we thought could work though there were some weird rules they had about it and it wasn’t moving along very smoothly. We weren’t completely feeling at peace about it but had made an appointment to sign the lease on Monday at 11am anyway.
A few days earlier I was walking around the city and noticed a really cool empty space in the business district which is where we really wanted to be but we weren’t so sure we could afford it but I decided to bring Jason by to take a look anyway. He loved the space as well but we assumed it would be way out of our budget. There was no for rent sign on the space so we looked way up and saw a contact number on the high rise it was attached to and they answered the phone on a Sunday. they said it’s available and we got to see it right away!…and we were shocked to find out the rent was actually LESS than the other space and so much better in every way!!! We LOVED IT! They said we could go in and sign the lease Monday morning at 9am. (2 hours before we were schedule to sign on the other space). God saved us on that one! He is the God of favor. So often I think I’ve got the best thing all figured out and then he says “I’ve got something so much better for you! Check this out!”



#5 We found a little place to call home!
Now that we found the studio space and the gallery we needed a place to sleep and couldn’t wait to add on a 3rd rent! LOL! (We had been living at my grandma’s in South Pasadena for 4 months while we got situated with the other 2 places. we were anxious to get back into our own place and decided to move outside of downtown LA for a little variety. We ended up finding a cute little bungalow home to rent in Eagle Rock which was one of the best deals we could find and is only 15 minutes from downtown…And I have to say The best thing ever was having a real bed again, and a real closet, and our own washer and dryer after almost 2 years without!!!!
With all of our changes and moves over the last couple of years I have really gotten to appreciate the small things and not take anything for granted!


#6 On June 9th all I will say here is that I encountered the incredible power of God like never before and it has changed me in the best way ever! I can’t help but to be filled with a burning passion to share the reality of God and his amazing supernatural love and power!
And I will mention I already had a very close relationship with God for many years and I thought It couldn’t get any better than it was…and then it did! Seeking Him with all that I am is the most exciting adventure! I realize there is always more of Him to be known.


#7 Got to go to Brazil in November!!!
Somewhat of an unplanned trip that I got to go on with my mom which was really special for us to have that time together. We got to see some amazing, beautiful places including Iguassu Falls, Copacabana Beach, and Christ The Redeemer Statue. But the main purpose of The trip was more focused on ministry so we got to go to some awesome local churches, we went to the Favelas (slums) and an orphanage. It was such a special experience to be able to meet the locals and pray for so many. We got to see the power of God in action as people were healed! Way cool!!!



#8 This December I am 5 years sober!!!! Woohoo!!!
Lasting Freedom only came through trusting in Jesus Christ-by relying on his strength and not my own. For a side note this only came about as a private interaction between me and Jesus…I wasn’t in a church that was helping me with this, I didn’t get to have the help of a recovery group, or friends/family to keep me accountable and encourage me. It was simply me being so desperate to change and Jesus met me where I was at, just as I was. I wish I had reached out for the extra help and support but because I didn’t I can fully testify that Jesus can bring anyone through anything! It was no easy thing but it was what brought me so close to God.

#9 I am forever thankful for The Sanctuary in downtown LA! A true life changing treasure!


#10 drumroll please…….
For the big news!!! I actually have long hair again and it’s the longest I have ever gone without coloring it! LOL!

So that’s the top 10 highlights, insights, stories…2013 was a great year!
….and I know 2014 will only get better!!!!

I wish you a blessed and safe New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

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May I Never Forget…


This is a new drawing I did. I’ve been doing more work on paper lately and I am loving it! Drawing was always my first love and it feels good to get back into it. I mean I sketch often, but there’s a whole different thing when I let myself really follow through with finishing a drawing and get into the shading. I just love it! I also put a lot less pressure on myself when I am working with paper and with smaller pieces. I don’t get stuck over thinking what to paint.

On this drawing I don’t even know how the elephant really came to be, but it got in there, and I really like how it all came together. After I was done the words “Never Forget” kept coming up in my spirit and then the meaning of the drawing came to me more clearly. Often times I don’t why I am drawing or painting something until after the fact. God often reveals what he is telling me as I go or not until after it’s done.

In this drawing the Elephant symbolizes unforgetfulness and how I must never forget all God had done for me and how he saved my life. The girl playing the piano represents how I must share my testimony and not keep it to myself. There’s so much he’s done that I haven’t shared like I should! Each one of our lives is a story needing to be told and I know I am so encouraged by hearing others testimonies. There is SO much God has done in my life that I never want to forget or take for granted.
I just began writing some of these things down and this is what became of it:

May I never forget where I came from; Who I used to be and who I am now
…and that it is only by the amazing grace of God!
May I never forget what Jesus Christ has done for me.
May I never forget how he saved me from myself.
How he met me right where I was at -in all of my brokenness.
How he loved me when I was at my worst.

I will never forget when I called out to God, desperate for an answer
“Are you real? do you care? I hate my life! I see no purpose! no point for my existence.”

I will never forget when I thought God would answer me by saying “get up and try harder. I’ll give you one more chance!”,
but instead He said “I Love you, I am your Father. You are my daughter. I forgive you.
I made you and know everything about you. I have great plans and eternal purpose for you. Follow me. You can trust me. I will make you new.”

May I never forget How he showed me mercy, love, compassion, grace and forgiveness when I expected judgment, anger, punishment, and condemnation.

I will never forget how I lived wild and reckless, to party and have fun and how it left me worse off.
I will never forget how I chased after my dream with all my heart and became a successful artist
but no matter how much I achieved it was never enough.
May I never forget how only the love of Jesus was able to fill my emptiness.

I will never forget how God flooded my darkness with his light.
How His presence melted my hard heart with his all-consuming Love.
May I never forget when I met Jesus and discovered who He really is rather than who I imagined Him to be.

May I never forget how He saved me from suicide and self destruction;
How He set me free from 10 years of addiction to alcohol,
from the prison of depression, mental torment, chronic anxiety, and panic attacks

I will never forget how he forgave me and set me free from the shame and guilt of ending the life of my unborn baby.
May I never forget all the healing tears of joy and utter thankfulness for all Jesus has done for me.

May I never forget when I began to love my life and myself again.
May I never forget all of God’s endless blessings and favor that continually chase me down.

May I never forget Jesus gave up His life on the cross so I could be free and forgiven; so I could know the love of the Father.

May I never forget that every time I think knowing God couldn’t get any better He always surprises me with more.

May I never forget the power of the Holy Spirit hitting me like a lightning bolt of pure love and bringing me to the floor.

I will never forget when I realized I was beginning to truly love people for the first time as God broke down my walls of self protection.
May I never forget that I was made by God for God. God is love and I was made to become love.

May I never forget that I am saved by his FREE gift of grace and that who I have become and who I will become is only by the grace of God

May I never forget the precious gift of living in His presence;
it is worth more than anything money could buy.

May I never forget how amazing it is to worship God. It is the greatest privilege I know.

May I never forget the thrill of hearing His voice and knowing he’s heard mine.
May I never forget the endless list of answered prayers.

May I never forget to seek Him first in all I do
and that as I do He has been faithful in His promise to provide every need.

May I never forget heaven is home and life is eternal.

May I never forget to share my testimony of all he’s done for me.
May I never forget that He loves you just the same.

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A Couple of new Paintings

Hello everyone, just posting an update on our new videos.

We have 2 new videos, each featuring a new painting. The first is called “Imagine, Imagine, Imagine” It is a large painting 7ft by 4ft.

Click on the picture to see the video.

Next is called “Trust” (sold)

Here is the video (just click on the picture)

Have a great week!! Hope you like the videos, we plan on producing one or two a week.

The video gallery is working out great, be sure to see our video library at

See you Soon!

Jennifer Main Gallery


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Going to San Diego Artwalk

We are packing up and heading off to San Diego for the Mission Federal Artwalk this weekend! Looking forward to a great show in Little Italy. Weather is going to be beautiful!

18 city blocks of original art to see if you can make it out. It’s said to be the biggest art event in Southern California!

Also we are extremely grateful to announce that our Kickstarter project has reached the 100% mark. Thank you!!! – Thank you!!! – Thank you!!!

We are going to make some really cool things happen here in the new downtown LA gallery and share it with the world!

We have 13 days left in the campaign if anyone would still like to be a part of the project! Remember that the “Ingredients to a Dream” painting is ONLY available through Kickstarter and all editions and formats of this painting will be closed on May 10th so if you want to own this special piece of art and support a dream check out our video below to learn how you can do that!

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Featured Artist at the Calabasas Fine Arts Festival

We are proud to announce Jennifer has been selected as the “Illustrious Artist” of the year for the annual Calabasas art Festival May 5th & 6th, 2012

Celebrating it’s 15th year, the Calabasas Fine Arts Festival features over 150 artists. Event will also have live music and youth activities.

Home of the Kardashians, Calabasas is above Malibu and East of Thousand Oaks, California. (map)

Show is Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 5pm both days.

Hope you can make it out!

Here is the website for more information

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Mission Federal ArtWalk in San Diego April 28th & 29th 2012

We will be showing at the Mission Federal ArtWalk in San Diego April 28th & 29th!!

Saturday & Sunday in San Diego in April what could be better?

Come out to Little Italy to see hundreds of artist at the largest art event in the San Diego area.  18 blocks of art in downtown San Diego in it’s 28th year.

Over 100,000 people in attendance!

Hope to see you there!

Here is the website link.


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