Getting started in LA

About a week and a half ago my husband and I packed up everything we own and shut the doors to our las Vegas gallery to take a big risk and move to downtown LA. About 6 months ago I had a strong desire to make southern California our new home. I have never lived anywhere else as an adult and have been craving some change. As much as I love my life in las Vegas I started to feel like it had all become too comfortable and familiar. I thrive on being challenged, pushed beyond my comfort zone and am driven by risk, by trying new things and LA was calling my name!
My husband, Jason, was up for the move and we made the list of what we needed to do in order to make the move by the beginning of the year. We knew we would be in a much smaller space in CA so we sold and gave away almost all of our personal possessions. We sold our beloved bronco, a motorcycle, our nice couches, dining room set, bed, the big TV, and lots lots more! It felt great to lighten the load and hear the feedback from others. “don’t you want to keep it just in case? you gave THAT away?, are you a Buddhist now?, don’t you need a tv and somewhere to sit?”… And we did end up sitting on the floor of our living room for a month because the couch was the first thing that was picked up and I was thinking “wow! We’re really doing this!” it felt freeing, scary, and so exciting! It’s just stuff and there’s always more!
Next, we had to find a new tenant for the house we were renting which took some time to get figured out and we decided to do it a couple of months before our move to LA so we wouldn’t need to worry about it over the holidays which meant moving into the gallery for 8 weeks. The gallery is plenty big but has no shower, laundry, or bed. We squeezed the personal possessions we had kept into the gallery and found a nearby laundromat. For showers we signed up for an unlimited hot yoga membership and every time we wanted to take a shower we would do a yoga class first….so we ended up doing LOTS of yoga and the showers were a great motivation to get us there.:-) For a bed we found a cool convertible couch bed type of thing that worked out well. It was a good experience and we enjoyed it (though I’m not sure I would want to do it long term).
Our next project was to have a great holiday show at the gallery and lighten up our inventory of art. We had one of our best shows ever and had a great turn out. It was so much fun to see everyone from collectors, supporters, fans, family, and friends coming by throughout the night and we definitely lightened our ‘art load’ so I give a HUGE THANKS to all of you who came by and purchased art!!!
After the show it was time to pack up the gallery and narrow down what would stay and what would go. On our move day we got all of our stuff to fit into our van and a 6×12 Uhaul trailer! That’s coming from an 1,800 sq ft house and an 1800 sg ft gallery.20120118-102619.jpg

With moving out of the gallery and taking down the signs there was some sadness because I did love being in that space and all of the good memories, but I kept focused on how excited I am about being in califorina! I am ready to get on the road!
Preparing for the move Jason and I talked about what it would be like driving away from Vegas, seeing it disappear in the rear view mirror with all we own and here we were actually doing it!!! It was a cool moment and it took a lot to get here so I’m proud of us! (click link for a quick video after packing up the gallery)
We drove straight to south Pasadena where my grandma lives. She said we could stay with her until we found our loft in downtown la which works out great. 20120118-102829.jpg

So that’s where I am now, writing this blog out on her balcony with a beautiful view listening to all of the birds down below. Jason and I have been exploring la each day. Going on hikes, trying out the subway/metro system, looking for lofts, and just enjoying being in a new place.

The exciting news is that we found a great loft already and we move in February 1st!!! It’s much bigger than we thought we would get at 1600 sg ft with a glass front so you can see in from the street on the second floor right on gallery row. We’re paying more than we originally wanted to but I think it will be worth it. It’s in the Mercantile building @ 620 main street and 6th! It’s a great open space that will be perfect for the gallery. It’s really exactly what I had been envisioning. Plus it’s zoned for a live work space.

20120118-102857.jpgI am so excited and can’t wait to get it all set up, to get people to come in a check it out! Plus, even though we’re in LA our plan is to make the gallery much more video based. We will have a live channel were 20120118-102913.jpg

you can check in and see what new painting I’m working on and you can chat in at the same time, you can also make a Skype appointment, and on the web store each item will eventually have a video to watch. I thought it would be a good way to stay connected with you and give you a chance to be a part of the gallery no matter where you live! Of course I hope you can come see the new pace for yourself as well. I would love to see you and show you around!!!

20120118-102929.jpgWell, I think that’s it for now. Wanted to share some of our journey with you and I’ll blog again when we get a little more set up in our new place.

Talk soon!







About jennifermaingallery

I am a full-time artist originally from Las Vegas and now the owner of Jennifer Main Gallery in Downtown LA. My paintings are best known for my bold vibrant color and exaggerated whimsical figures. I paint from the heart and am inspired by life's journey and its unseen reality. All I do is fueled by the supernatural love & grace of Jesus Christ who saved my life and showed me what true love & freedom is!
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2 Responses to Getting started in LA

  1. Cindi Zimmerman says:

    What an incredible journey you’re on. Can’t wait to see how your new surroundings inspire your art. All the best to you in this new year…it will definitely be an adventure you’ll never forget!

  2. Tim Tomke says:

    Its exquisitely beautiful . . . just like your art . . . we’re coming to see . . .

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