A Couple of new Paintings

Hello everyone, just posting an update on our new videos.

We have 2 new videos, each featuring a new painting. The first is called “Imagine, Imagine, Imagine” It is a large painting 7ft by 4ft.

Click on the picture to see the video.

Next is called “Trust” (sold)

Here is the video (just click on the picture)

Have a great week!! Hope you like the videos, we plan on producing one or two a week.

The video gallery is working out great, be sure to see our video library at


See you Soon!

Jennifer Main Gallery



About jennifermaingallery

I am a full-time artist originally from Las Vegas and now the owner of Jennifer Main Gallery in Downtown LA. My paintings are best known for my bold vibrant color and exaggerated whimsical figures. I paint from the heart and am inspired by life's journey and its unseen reality. All I do is fueled by the supernatural love & grace of Jesus Christ who saved my life and showed me what true love & freedom is!
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1 Response to A Couple of new Paintings

  1. Tamora S. Omori, Esq says:

    Love them both. Just purchased “Trust” before it was swooped up. My entire home is done in Jennifer Main paintings. Do yourself favor and get a great investment…..These painting make your home and office POP Sincerely, Tamora S Omori,. Esq

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