Highlights of 2013…

#1 In January my husband and I celebrated our first year in LA by going to a CAKE concert which was SO GOOD!!! I absolutely love living in this city! I know it’s where we are meant to be!


#2 We decided to move out of our live/work/gallery loft in Downtown LA…
It was such an awesome traditional loft space that was like my dream come true! We had great times in there and loved being part of all the art walks but realized after a year of always being in the same space to do everything that it was time to break it up a bit!Even though we lived in this space we kept it set up to always look like a gallery + art studio which meant sleeping on a pull out couch so it wouldn’t look like a bed and hiding all our clothes and family photos in the bathroom where we created a makeshift closet. Hey, gotta do what ya gotta do!


#3 In February I found a great little studio space!!!
I was so thankful to have my own private space to work in again. I never realized how important that is for me until I didn’t have one! We found a great deal on an old jewelers office that was a bit of a wreck but We took it ‘as is’ and that way I got to clean it up and make it my own little crazy colorful world in there!



#4 In March we found a retail gallery space!!! Our first ground floor storefront!!!
Here’s a bit of the story…so rents are way expensive in LA but I really felt it would be a good move to get a small retail space so we could get walk in customers and a lot more visibility than we were getting in the loft. We found a very small space we thought could work though there were some weird rules they had about it and it wasn’t moving along very smoothly. We weren’t completely feeling at peace about it but had made an appointment to sign the lease on Monday at 11am anyway.
A few days earlier I was walking around the city and noticed a really cool empty space in the business district which is where we really wanted to be but we weren’t so sure we could afford it but I decided to bring Jason by to take a look anyway. He loved the space as well but we assumed it would be way out of our budget. There was no for rent sign on the space so we looked way up and saw a contact number on the high rise it was attached to and they answered the phone on a Sunday. they said it’s available and we got to see it right away!…and we were shocked to find out the rent was actually LESS than the other space and so much better in every way!!! We LOVED IT! They said we could go in and sign the lease Monday morning at 9am. (2 hours before we were schedule to sign on the other space). God saved us on that one! He is the God of favor. So often I think I’ve got the best thing all figured out and then he says “I’ve got something so much better for you! Check this out!”



#5 We found a little place to call home!
Now that we found the studio space and the gallery we needed a place to sleep and couldn’t wait to add on a 3rd rent! LOL! (We had been living at my grandma’s in South Pasadena for 4 months while we got situated with the other 2 places. we were anxious to get back into our own place and decided to move outside of downtown LA for a little variety. We ended up finding a cute little bungalow home to rent in Eagle Rock which was one of the best deals we could find and is only 15 minutes from downtown…And I have to say The best thing ever was having a real bed again, and a real closet, and our own washer and dryer after almost 2 years without!!!!
With all of our changes and moves over the last couple of years I have really gotten to appreciate the small things and not take anything for granted!


#6 On June 9th all I will say here is that I encountered the incredible power of God like never before and it has changed me in the best way ever! I can’t help but to be filled with a burning passion to share the reality of God and his amazing supernatural love and power!
And I will mention I already had a very close relationship with God for many years and I thought It couldn’t get any better than it was…and then it did! Seeking Him with all that I am is the most exciting adventure! I realize there is always more of Him to be known.


#7 Got to go to Brazil in November!!!
Somewhat of an unplanned trip that I got to go on with my mom which was really special for us to have that time together. We got to see some amazing, beautiful places including Iguassu Falls, Copacabana Beach, and Christ The Redeemer Statue. But the main purpose of The trip was more focused on ministry so we got to go to some awesome local churches, we went to the Favelas (slums) and an orphanage. It was such a special experience to be able to meet the locals and pray for so many. We got to see the power of God in action as people were healed! Way cool!!!



#8 This December I am 5 years sober!!!! Woohoo!!!
Lasting Freedom only came through trusting in Jesus Christ-by relying on his strength and not my own. For a side note this only came about as a private interaction between me and Jesus…I wasn’t in a church that was helping me with this, I didn’t get to have the help of a recovery group, or friends/family to keep me accountable and encourage me. It was simply me being so desperate to change and Jesus met me where I was at, just as I was. I wish I had reached out for the extra help and support but because I didn’t I can fully testify that Jesus can bring anyone through anything! It was no easy thing but it was what brought me so close to God.

#9 I am forever thankful for The Sanctuary in downtown LA! A true life changing treasure!


#10 drumroll please…….
For the big news!!! I actually have long hair again and it’s the longest I have ever gone without coloring it! LOL!

So that’s the top 10 highlights, insights, stories…2013 was a great year!
….and I know 2014 will only get better!!!!

I wish you a blessed and safe New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


About jennifermaingallery

I am a full-time artist originally from Las Vegas and now the owner of Jennifer Main Gallery in Downtown LA. My paintings are best known for my bold vibrant color and exaggerated whimsical figures. I paint from the heart and am inspired by life's journey and its unseen reality. All I do is fueled by the supernatural love & grace of Jesus Christ who saved my life and showed me what true love & freedom is!
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