May I Never Forget…


This is a new drawing I did. I’ve been doing more work on paper lately and I am loving it! Drawing was always my first love and it feels good to get back into it. I mean I sketch often, but there’s a whole different thing when I let myself really follow through with finishing a drawing and get into the shading. I just love it! I also put a lot less pressure on myself when I am working with paper and with smaller pieces. I don’t get stuck over thinking what to paint.

On this drawing I don’t even know how the elephant really came to be, but it got in there, and I really like how it all came together. After I was done the words “Never Forget” kept coming up in my spirit and then the meaning of the drawing came to me more clearly. Often times I don’t why I am drawing or painting something until after the fact. God often reveals what he is telling me as I go or not until after it’s done.

In this drawing the Elephant symbolizes unforgetfulness and how I must never forget all God had done for me and how he saved my life. The girl playing the piano represents how I must share my testimony and not keep it to myself. There’s so much he’s done that I haven’t shared like I should! Each one of our lives is a story needing to be told and I know I am so encouraged by hearing others testimonies. There is SO much God has done in my life that I never want to forget or take for granted.
I just began writing some of these things down and this is what became of it:

May I never forget where I came from; Who I used to be and who I am now
…and that it is only by the amazing grace of God!
May I never forget what Jesus Christ has done for me.
May I never forget how he saved me from myself.
How he met me right where I was at -in all of my brokenness.
How he loved me when I was at my worst.

I will never forget when I called out to God, desperate for an answer
“Are you real? do you care? I hate my life! I see no purpose! no point for my existence.”

I will never forget when I thought God would answer me by saying “get up and try harder. I’ll give you one more chance!”,
but instead He said “I Love you, I am your Father. You are my daughter. I forgive you.
I made you and know everything about you. I have great plans and eternal purpose for you. Follow me. You can trust me. I will make you new.”

May I never forget How he showed me mercy, love, compassion, grace and forgiveness when I expected judgment, anger, punishment, and condemnation.

I will never forget how I lived wild and reckless, to party and have fun and how it left me worse off.
I will never forget how I chased after my dream with all my heart and became a successful artist
but no matter how much I achieved it was never enough.
May I never forget how only the love of Jesus was able to fill my emptiness.

I will never forget how God flooded my darkness with his light.
How His presence melted my hard heart with his all-consuming Love.
May I never forget when I met Jesus and discovered who He really is rather than who I imagined Him to be.

May I never forget how He saved me from suicide and self destruction;
How He set me free from 10 years of addiction to alcohol,
from the prison of depression, mental torment, chronic anxiety, and panic attacks

I will never forget how he forgave me and set me free from the shame and guilt of ending the life of my unborn baby.
May I never forget all the healing tears of joy and utter thankfulness for all Jesus has done for me.

May I never forget when I began to love my life and myself again.
May I never forget all of God’s endless blessings and favor that continually chase me down.

May I never forget Jesus gave up His life on the cross so I could be free and forgiven; so I could know the love of the Father.

May I never forget that every time I think knowing God couldn’t get any better He always surprises me with more.

May I never forget the power of the Holy Spirit hitting me like a lightning bolt of pure love and bringing me to the floor.

I will never forget when I realized I was beginning to truly love people for the first time as God broke down my walls of self protection.
May I never forget that I was made by God for God. God is love and I was made to become love.

May I never forget that I am saved by his FREE gift of grace and that who I have become and who I will become is only by the grace of God

May I never forget the precious gift of living in His presence;
it is worth more than anything money could buy.

May I never forget how amazing it is to worship God. It is the greatest privilege I know.

May I never forget the thrill of hearing His voice and knowing he’s heard mine.
May I never forget the endless list of answered prayers.

May I never forget to seek Him first in all I do
and that as I do He has been faithful in His promise to provide every need.

May I never forget heaven is home and life is eternal.

May I never forget to share my testimony of all he’s done for me.
May I never forget that He loves you just the same.


About jennifermaingallery

I am a full-time artist originally from Las Vegas and now the owner of Jennifer Main Gallery in Downtown LA. My paintings are best known for my bold vibrant color and exaggerated whimsical figures. I paint from the heart and am inspired by life's journey and its unseen reality. All I do is fueled by the supernatural love & grace of Jesus Christ who saved my life and showed me what true love & freedom is!
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